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"Helping businesses and owners groom for transition" wbco10

Note: Walt still does "all this business coach stuff" just under the Smart State brand that he co-founded with Keith  Weaver in 2009.

This is still a great resource site for business owners.

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Smart State Coaching

We work exclusively with owners and leadership teams of privately held companies in three ways, combined or separate.
1.As business coaches in the triangle, We coach strategic thinking and tactical execution.
Smart State.
2.We facilitate good decision making via peer advisory boards
3 We implement a proven process that guarantees discipline and accountability - Driving results.
The EOS Process
We specialize in discrete, real world, measurable, optimization, using methods and processes practiced and proven by thousands of companies coast to coast, not just in our backyard - The Triangle.

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Disciplined People do not need Hierarchy, Disciplined Thought does not need Bureaucracy, Disciplined actions do not need excessive controls... Book "Good to Great"
"People Follow Plans, People Follow People With Plans, People With Plans Follow People With Plans" Walt
Contact: 919 345 6079

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