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Energize and empower your organization and yourself with a Smart State of Mind"


"TAB, my board, and your Smart State coaching in particular have been extremely rewarding for me and I can say one of the best business decisions I made"  - Steve Sewell - Raleigh Business Owner






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Walt Brown is a Strategic Thinking  Business Coach


Coach WaltSimilar to a “Golf Coach”, a “Tennis Coach” or a “Basketball Coach”, Walt is a “Strategic Thinking Coach”. 

Like these coaches, Walt is a disciplined student of the mental side of the game, he carries a passion for learning, observing and teaching… It is a perpetual cycle, coaching feeds the learning which makes him a better coach, which helps him learn more.

Similar to the best sports coaches, Walt has a “system”, a method for playing and teaching that is always being studied, boiled down and refined, client by client, player by player, team by team.

Why a Coach?

As Coach, Walt’s skill lies in his ability to work with and motivate many types of players and many types of teams morphing the Smart State Method to best fit the needs of the team and the players.

The Method:

The method he coaches is SMART STATE. It is a Strategic Thinking and Planning methodology. His clients are exclusively owners and leaders of privately held enterprises. (S.M.A.R.T. S.T.A.T.E. is an acronym for: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Responsible, Time-bound,    Strategic, Thinking and Accountable, Tactical, Execution.)

Four Core Principles:

P1. As business leaders/owners, we often fill the role of Head Coach! We are always communicating, learning, teaching, motivating, competing. As head coach, we are ultimately accountable to the welfare of our team. We need to think above the business, looking forward. Smart State helps capture, execute and optimize this what if thinkig.

P2. If your plans are not written down, they do not exist! (Along the lines of no plan is a plan to fail, only more specific, no written plan is a plan to fail!)

P3. Sound strategic thinking and planning is a daily, evergreen discipline! It is best when practiced as part of one’s daily business thought process, especially in today’s fast-paced business climate. It must become a daily habit, in your mind.

P4. Using a precise set of company specific Nomenclature is the cornerstone of accurate Strategic Communication! (Nomenclature: n. A system of names, such as those used in a particular science.)


There are solid steps we can take quickly in the short term that will get everyone “on top” pulling together, on the same page. However, the reality is Time is the one factor in the equation we can not compress.

We know it takes at least 21 days to break a personal habit – unfortunately, in the corporate world, more time and effort is needed to change our company habits.

While it is easy to say – practicing daily will make you perfect…

We all know the reality of implementing an organization wide shift that becomes a habit, it takes commitment to the shift.

Over time and with a little practice Smart State ends up “living” in your and your organization’s daily sub-conscious, directing actions and decisions that are consistent with the direction of your plan, it will surface in it’s physical form, i.e. a written change to the plan, when you or the organization see a crossroads in the future, or find an uncharted segment of territory, interestingly enough, over time with practice, the organization will use the Smart State method to direct all of your strategic thinking meetings, formally and informally.

Getting yourself and your organization involved with Smart State.

Two Paths to working with Walt to have Smart State become part of your organization.

Path X: One on one with you, and exclusively internal as part of your Organization.

You must have in place one or both of the following elements in order for Walt to work on an exclusively internal basis with you and your team.

  1. You must have a set of C or VP level employees who you trust and act as a set of advisors. and/or
  2. You must have in place a functioning “board of directors”, internal or external, a group that gathers to help you with the strategic direction final decisions of your business.

In essence, I am looking for you to have a group of people who act as your “mastermind” group, who are willing to help you, who will back you up and help you implement Smart State, you must have a team. 

Walt does not hold himself or his team out as a consultant. Consultants give answers, we coach methods that help you get answers from your decision making group.

Path Y: As a TAB Raleigh Board Member or EOS Client.

This will get you the very important “mastermind/board” group, a group of your Owner peers who will help you check your thinking!  And this will get you one on one coaching in Smart State with Walt.

If you do not have the required elements in place of Path A this is your path.  I only list it second because it is more precise to describe the two paths after defining Path X.

Path Y is a bit more “Y for You” focused…  We concentrate a little more in making sure your business is working for you and not the other way around in Path Y.

Yes, you are allowed to have the elements of Path X in place but you can elect Path Y.  “Path Xers” really enjoy being TAB Board Members, where else can they surround themselves with other switched on business owners and leaders?

Both courses of action are very strong.

Contact Walt Brown at walt@waltbrownco.com or 919 345 6079


Contact: walt@waltbrownco.com 919 345 6079

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