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TAB Raleigh is one of the core deliverables of Walt Brown and Company. 

We are TAB Certified Business Coaches and Certified Board Facilitators.

We hold together groups/boards of 9 owners of privately held businesses -"members". 

Monthly we meet with the owner in a private coaching session, so we really know what is going on with him/her and his/her business.

Then, once a month for 4 hours we act as the Chairman of the member's board, the member acts as CEO,. the power of this is the extreme focus we can deliver for the owner in a very compressed time environment. the result - sound decisions!  We know the board members inside and out, we know who can add what, we actively facilitate the maximum from the board to help each member.

Unlike chamber round tables and volunteer peer advise groups, we are pros who drive positive results in the minimum amount of time.
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