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Vision Statement for The Alternative Board - Raleigh

When a Raleigh Member measures his/her business month from TAB Board meeting to TAB Board meeting,    we are on the right track.

When a Member reflects on a successful series of events and thinks to himself;       “…my TAB Board and I did that...”,      we will have traction.

When a Raleigh TAB Member shares with a trusted and respected friend a story about how his/her Board helped him improve his business and his life,   we have momentum.

When a Raleigh TAB Member looks to his/her TAB Board as an indispensable component of good decision making and a core asset for the long-term of running his/her business,  we have arrived.

Make sure the above happens and Raleigh's TAB members will thrive and Raleigh's TAB practice will follow.



(Explanation: The above Vision Statement guides the direction of The Alternative Board in Raleigh. When we are doing anything, we ask ourselves, how does what we are planning or doing support the Vision? Our Vision is our primary decision filter. Our Vision provides the strategic umbrella/framework that helps guide our thought day in and day out.

See Walt's Critical Success Factors for achieving his Vision for The Alternative Board in Raleigh... Three Critical things which must constantly and consistently take place for Walt's vision to be achieved.)

(Note: His and He are synonymous with His/Her and He/She.)




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Company Vision Statements



Owner's personal vision for the company which contains information that the owner will share with all of the employees of the company.