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Critical Success Factors Supporting the Raleigh TAB Vision.

1. Recruit and maintain Talented and Exceptional TAB Board Members.

2. Coach Board members to be the best members they can be both for themselves and their Board.

3. Facilitate strong and effective Board meetings to ensure the Members and their Boards always take away a solid, on point, body of advice.





(Explanation: The above are Walt's Critical Success Factors for achieving his Vision for The Alternative Board in Raleigh... In this case, three things which must constantly and consistently take place for Walt's vision to be achieved.)







Reference: TAB SBL Definitions
Critical Success Factors (CSFs)



Conceptual factors so integral to the happiness of the person and success of the company that if they are not achieved, success will not take place.
Driving Critical Success Factor (DCSF)



The CSF that, at any point in time, is strategically more important to the owner’s happiness and the company’s future than any other CSF.