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Entrepreneurial Events

Perspective on this Category:  An Entrepreneurial event is the same as a start-up, (see our description), but it is normally not something new, but something the "Entrepreneurial Candidate" is already familiar with, he is already doing it and wants to strike out on his own.

If you clicked on this page, you must read the E-myth, revisited.  The book talks about entrepreneurial seizures, that moment in time where you think you want to go into business for yourself and actually do. It is a good read before and after your strike out on your own.

Do we or do we not fit?: We fit five years into your entrepreneurial seizure. When the glow is gone and the new business has turned into work, you now have employees, not "dream sharers", your spouse is no longer interested in hearing about your work and your fishing buddies are tired of hearing about it too. Where do we fit: With EOS, we start being perfect as you make the jump to more than 10 to 14 FTE (full-time equivalent) employees, this is where working with us will be the most rewarding.  As you wrestle with going from 3 to 6 employees and are starting to struggle with profit, this is where TAB President's Boards, can help... we have small business TAB Boards called President's board for this stage of your business.  Above this we have Strategic TAB Boards that assist with businesses larger than 10 employees.

What we do not do.
We don't hold your hand as you take the entrepreneurial leap. G

What position we play if we fit:
We help you with Strategic Thinking and good Decision Making via TAB.  If you are really serious, and have a leadership team, EOS will carry you to new heights.

What heavy lifting do we do for you in this category? With EOS we help you drive traction; organizational and individual accountability and discipline. Your TAB Board, facilitated/chaired by us, carries a ton of weight, helping you make very solid decisions that you can build your business on. In both instances, we will use Smart State - Strategic Thinking and Tactical Execution coaching to force you to align your thoughts and get them down on paper so you can focus, execute and gain consistency.

Other reference Notes:

We specialize in discrete, real world, measurable, optimization, using methods and processes practiced and proven by thousands of companies coast to coast, not just in our backyard - The Triangle
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