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Real World EOS Companies

Niche Retail (NR) is a boutique e-commerce retail company with 20 websites, revenues of $16 million and 45 employees.

Using some of the EOS tools from its inception, NR  experienced impressive growth. By the time they  reached $4 million in sales and 15 employees, they felt they had hit their first major ceiling. The partners were struggling to define their goals. All the growth was complex and overwhelming. Their great idea had turned into a thriving business, but it was now in need of some structure and leadership.

Two years later, with EOS fully implemented, NR has grown 70% every year. The partners share a vision, and they have a powerful leadership team in place. The company was a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and were #300 on the Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies. NR is poised to reach $30 million in the next three years.

“EOS is a turbo-charger for your business,” said Tyler Smith, co-owner of Niche Retail. “It enables you and your team to pinpoint your company’s sweet spot and put it in overdrive. For us, this has enabled us to grow over 70% per year for last three years, the entire time remaining profitable. In addition, we have maintained and reinforced our core values and are on track to achieve all of our goals.”

Ronnisch Construction Group (RCG) is a general contractor with revenues of $40 million and 40 employees.

When we began implementing EOS at RCG, it had a very dysfunctional leadership team that lacked focus and common core values. The company was experiencing  financial difficulty due to legal issues and some large old receivables. This difficulty was exaggerated by their inability to problem-solve as a team. At that time revenues were $20 million.

After three years later, RCG has experienced rapid growth, 40% in 2005. Half of the leadership team has changed, and now the team is healthy and working toward the same goals. The company is now very profitable. Bernie Ronnisch, the founder, has elevated himself to the full-time integrator and ambassador of the company. They now have their sights set on $100 million in ten years. They were the seventh fastest-growing company in Crain’s Detroit Business magazine.

“EOS has brought many valuable tools to our business which we use on a daily basis to solve issues and bring focus to our team,” Bernie Ronnisch said. “We hire and fire around core values and have drastically raised the level of accountability for all employees.”

Schechter Wealth Strategies (SWS) is a specialized financial services company with revenues of $8 million and 35 employees, founded and run by Robert Schechter for 20 years.

When we began implementing EOS at SWS four years ago, the company was generating $2 million in revenue. Robert's son and his son-in-law were transitioning into the business. Looking for rapid growth, they needed help positioning the business. They also needed help structuring the organization for the kind of growth that was being proposed. There was no leadership team in place.

Today, SFG is structured for unlimited growth with talented people and a solid leadership team. Since implementing EOS, they have grown 50% each year and expect to continue that growth. Everyone on the team knows their roles, and as a result they operate much more effectively, allowing the principals to enjoy more free time, more income and the ability to focus on the areas they enjoy most in the business. For example, Robert is still very involved in the organization and the leadership team, but is able to take more time off than ever, about four months per year.

SWS is now partially owned by National Financial Partners (NFP), which is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.

“On a personal level I have seen my income grow significantly, I have more free time than I ever had before, and we have a healthy organization, an environment where people love what they do,” reported Jason Zimmerman, co-owner of Schechter Wealth Strategies. “You have given us the tools to solve problems ourselves. There is no magic—it’s just focusing on the right issues.”

”We went public in 2003 at 23, and NFP is now trading around 56. Financially, it’s been a grand slam.”

McKinley is a real estate management and investment company with assets owned and managed over $1 billion, revenues of more than $100 million and over 700 employees.

When McKinley began implementing EOS, they were successful in their market, but wanted to make the leap from good to great. Their leadership team consisted of a group of specialists who didn't meet regularly to set a jointly held vision or direction.

Today, McKinley has a solid and focused leadership in place. The vision for the company and their core focus is clear, the 700 employees are focused on the vision, and administration is streamlined and more efficient than ever. They have experienced steady 10% growth and are poised for exponential growth in the coming years. One area that has dramatically improved in the last three years is the commercial portfolio, which now has a highest level of physical occupancy than in the history of the company.

"EOS has made a meaningful difference in the effectiveness and maturation of our leadership team,” said Albert Berriz, president/CEO. “We are a vastly different company today, and the Entrepreneurial Operating System is one of the key drivers for my being able to say that."

Image One (IO) is a $7 million laser printer repair and toner supply company with 33 employees.

When Image One began implementing EOS, they were generating $3 million in revenue, the two partners didn’t share the same vision of the future, and the organization was distracted by an additional business—computer networking. Their financial systems were weak, and they were struggling to grow.

After achieving clarity in their vision and business model, they have shed the computer networking company, the two partners are on the same page, and they have a solid leadership team in place and a very strong culture. With clear understanding of “process,” they honed and fine-tuned their “Image One Way” of doing business so effectively that they sold their company to a billion dollar publicly held company at a high multiple. One of the executives of the team that bought them had been a protégé of Jack Welch at GE, who was so impressed with the impact of EOS that he wanted to implement EOS with his other acquisitions.

Incidentally they gladly bought their company back last year, and they continue their rapid growth of 30% this year.

“The decision to close our computer division after six months was critical and a turning point in our company's history,” reported Rob Dube, president and co-owner of Image One. “EOS has helped me to really focus on the important aspects of building an organization and turning it into something special—for the entire team.” 

IO was selected as The Small Business of the Year, by Crain’s Detroit Business and a finalist for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Asphalt Specialists, Inc (ASI) is an asphalt paving company with annual revenues of approximately $40 million and 120 employees.

When ASI began implementing EOS, the leadership was extremely dysfunctional and they had just suffered their first un-profitable year since its inception. The two brothers who owned the business were not seeing eye-to-eye. Dan, one of the brothers, was entrenched in all aspects of the business and quickly burning out.

Now the two brothers have clearly defined roles. Bruce is the visionary and Dan is the integrator, with a strong leadership team in place to support them. They and their leadership team are healthy and eager to accomplish their goals of becoming the best and most profitable asphalt paving company in southwest Michigan by year-end 2006.

In addition to ASI, Dan is also running their newly acquired aggregate trucking company with over 150 employees. Bruce is overseeing their real estate investment company. They have had time to enjoy raising their families and have run in three triathlons together. Dan and Bruce both now feel that they have tremendous balance in their lives.

They are loving their business again, having fun and generating a healthy profit after three years of poor profitability. “Going down the road with EOS was a significant event in our lives,” Dan Israel said. “When we began to implement EOS, we saw tangible results in our business operations in terms of efficiency and profits. Equally important to us is we were able to accomplish more at work and have the time to raise our children and stay healthy. Thank you.”


What EOS companies are saying:


"Applying the EOS principles has helped us achieve extraordinary results. Last year, we doubled revenue and tripled profits! Even better, our entire organization is aligned with our goals and vision - with powerful results."

Marc Schechter

Schechter Wealth Strategies


"Our vision is clearer, and now we plan more strategically and really use the EOS problem-solving techniques. We've met 89 percent of our Rocks for eight quarters - and had 49 percent growth in three years!"

Curt Rager

Autumn Associates


"After our work with the EOS Process™, we are a very different company. We have a more effective and mature executive committee team. These simple techniques have played a key role in our changes.

The EOS concepts have revolutionized our enterprise. We are highly profitable, adroit, and flexible, and we have a results-oriented culture. Implementing the EOS tools has made a meaningful difference in who we are today."

Albert M. Berriz



"We have been a part of the EOS Process™ from the beginning, and we are committed to it for life. As a result, our revenue has more than quadrupled (466 percent) in the last three years, and profits are up even more than that.

The EOS Process™ simplifies all of our business issues. It provides a forum and the tools for us as a leadership team to talk openly and honestly about all of our internal and external issues."

Rob Tamblyn

The Benefits Company

"Our company has been named to the PROFIT 100, which recognizes the 100 fastest growing companies in Canada over the past five years. We have grown by over 1000 percent since working with the EOS concepts and principles. Our amazing growth is attributable to the work our EOS Implementer has done with our company."

Kevin Brady

Brady Financial

"The EOS tools have changed my life! I'm now able to let go of the day-to-day, knowing I have developed a team that can efficiently handle the details. We have consistently grown every year for the last four years in a very tough market, while the competition has struggled."

Ronald A. Blank


The Franklin Companies

"With this process, the vision for my company has been greatly accelerated. It has helped in unprecedented ways."

Todd Sachse

Sachse Construction

"Your help with Asphalt Specialists Inc. has proven to be invaluable. Your EOS Model™ and your V/TO are business tools that are both practical and user-friendly. They have taken ASI to a new level. Our company has experienced a powerful cultural shift."

Bruce and Dan Israel

Asphalt Specialists, Inc. (ASI)

"Please accept my warm thanks and appreciation for all you have done to help us transform ourselves and our organization from 'good' to 'great.'

Through your coaching, experience, and use of your tools, you have helped me reorganize and more fully develop our leadership team and get us all laser-focused on what is most important. We are now fully accountable to each other and growing healthier every day.

Our business has grown 300 percent over the last five years.

It would be my pleasure to highly recommend you to any business owner that wants to grow their business and build a healthy leadership team using your tools, coaching, and experience.

We look forward to continuing this process with continued success.

The concepts and tools that have been masterfully captured in the pages of this book have provided some of the magic that has helped us. Don't miss it!"

Craig Erlich


pulse220, an experiential agency

"The EOS concepts are simple and concise, apply to all business models, and produce real ($!) results very quickly. By implementing EOS, we have been able to outpace our competition, remain extremely focused and disciplined, and grow a company from start-up to sales of eight figures with no significant outside capital and never having a year in the red. These tools will accelerate your business and give you the foundational principles to understand how a healthy business operates."

R. Tyler Smith


Niche Retail, LLC


"You have been instrumental in working with our company to create a road map not only for the next year but the future. We have implemented tools that have been integral in creating not only a direction but a culture. We have created solid core values, which have forced a restructured organization with common goals and passions. We have fully implemented The EOS Tools™ throughout the organization. These have been instrumental in assuring individual and department accountability. The tools are simple to use, teach, and understand throughout all levels.

I cannot say enough good things about what you have done to help our company. You've enabled me to grow my business 100 percent over the last three years while staying balanced and having fun."

Bernie Ronnisch

Ronnisch Construction Group

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the help you have given to Image One. It has been a direct result of the growth our organization has experienced. Prior to implementing the disciplines in this book, my partner and I felt like we were running our business by the seat of our pants.

Team building and hiring has improved tenfold since we introduced our core values. The team has embraced the values, and it has become our culture.

The Meeting Pulse has improved communication among team members. We are now more proactive, which translates into greater efficiencies.

The decision to close our computer division after six months was critical and a turning point in our company's history. Without your assistance, we would not have seen the light as soon.

Your coaching has given me the tools to be a better leader. I knew I had it in me, but you helped bring it out!

Finally, your Business Model has helped me to really focus on the importance aspects of building an organization and turning it into something special - for the entire team.

Our growth rate has averaged over 20 percent per year. These results put us in a position to sell our company to a public company for above-normal multiples and reacquire the company after just a year and a half.


Rob Dube


Image One

"EOS has done a remarkable job for me as a business leader, as a person and for our company. It has improved my business and my life dramatically. I am having more fun, and my sales and profits have increased by 50 percent over the past three years. The EOS Process takes one's vision and sets up systems to make it a reality. I would recommend the EOS Process™ to any organizations that are ready to go to the next level and to hold themselves accountable to achieve everything that they knew they could."

Bob Shenefelt


RCS International


"If you want to improve the profitability of your business and the quality of your life, implement EOS in your company. It helps companies gain focus and traction. We are a much stronger organization today as a direct result of applying the concepts."

Jerry Reinhart

President and CEO

Pomeroy Investment Corporation

"Most consultants tell you what you need to do as a business owner and why it is important. EOS shows you how to do it. I wish I could have learned the EOS principles 20 years ago. They really work, and inserting them into our business has revolutionized how we develop and provide our services. We are more profitable than ever, even when our local economy is suffering."

Thom Barry


TF Barry Co.

"The EOS tools work. They really help us stay consistent and focused on our vision. The principles have helped me build a solid leadership team, crystallize our plan, and create the discipline to take the organization to the next level."

Sam Simon

President and CEO

Atlas Oil Company

"The EOS tools are simple, but if you embrace them, the results are simply astounding. They helped turn my company from a good one to a great one. If it's growth, consistency, and success you seek, the EOS Process is for you."

Todd P. Smith



"This is my 3rd start-up company and it is off to the best start.  We are exceeding our projections and we know it is because we have implemented EOS.  From vision to project accountability, the system is both simple and comprehensive.

Much of my career has been spent in consulting so I have had the privilege to see how a number of companies are run.  I have not seen a more effective operating system than EOS.  This is why we engaged our Implementer and he has exceeded our expectations every step of the way.  I recommend the EOS Process wholeheartedly."

Corey Clothier

Saber Leadership & Teamwork

"Spiech Farms was going to end 2006 with a net loss of 3% on $5,000,000. Things weren’t awful, but we definitely wanted to do better. We first began implementing EOS in January of 2007, and by all external indicators there was nothing unusual going on. That’s because all of the extraordinary stuff was going on inside Spiech Farms. It did feel a little awkward at first, but as we became more and more comfortable with EOS, things became simpler and soon everything began to work better. As a result, we turned in an amazing year, growing to $7,500,000 and posting a 6% net profit for 2007!


We thought we were doing a pretty good job before EOS. We had grown our company to $5M and posted some decent years up until then. I guess it’s easy to be satisfied when you don’t know what you’re missing. The whole leadership team is so much more confident about the future now, and we’ve never been so unified as a team. I guess the big WOW! in all of this is knowing that our dreams are not only attainable, but that the controls are in place to literally determine our own future! In 2008, we have planned for 22% growth and we’re right on target to meet or beat that number."

Steve Spiech

Spiech Farms


“As a new CFO at an EOS company, Image One, I was a great skeptic of using a business coach and following processes recommended by an outside consultant.  I was quickly converted after joining the meeting pulse of the leadership team and one quarterly off-sight.  We were successful at Image One and after I co-founded my own business, Origin Digital, I immediately noticed the absence of accountability and pulsing in my new team.  Fortunately, EOS was also expanding and we were able to bring the EOS tools to the NY area.  We worked with our implementer right from the start and went from “Zero to Acquired” in less than 24 months.   The buyer chose Origin Digital out of 100 other potential companies to acquire for a few reasons, but highlighted our team, structure and systems as key factors in their decision.  We are now poised for a rapid global expansion of Origin Digital.  Thanks for the foundation and guidance!” 

Erik Perkins

Origin Digital


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