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Anonymous Description of a few of Raleigh's Members (not gender specific)

We have a few managing partners, a law firm, CPA firm and an architectural firm. 95, 21 and 22 people.

A financial services business with 110.

The leader of a family owned Construction co with 170 souls, working on succession planning.

Three guys directly involved in the residential construction business. 21, 32, and 12 guys.

A graphic design firm 8.

A strategic marketing firm with 12.

A full fledged national focused advertising agency 22 people.

A couple of software guys. One start-up guy who had 78 guys in a previous successful run. One with 18 guys up and running now.

A Restaurant guy with his own line of food. 48 employees. 

A sign guy with 4 who also runs a shopping center property management company.

A second career "boomer" fellow who is a manufacturer of custom electronics with 10, his past life was in silicon valley riding the dot com boom.

An insurance fellow with a couple of helpers.

An investments fellow with 20+ guys.

Another guy with 3 companies 210 employees total.

Another guy who runs an investment company plus some other companies. 35 guys.

An IT guy with 18.

Etc. Etc.

This lists a few... they all get along well and are amazed how much they have in common...

Which, when one steps away and takes a look it is not surprising, there really are very few private companies out there. Certainly there are guys in trucks doing their own things, but few companies. These guys are unique and have a ton in common.

The back-bone of a Member's TAB experience is his Board.

As of December 31, 2007

TAB in Raleigh/Walt is serving 24 members across 3 boards.

TAB in the Triangle is servicing 58 members across six boards. 

In the Carolinas, we are serving 187 members.         

Nationally, TAB has 197 coaches + facilitators working with more than 4200 Members