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Category: Strategic Planning and Execution
Perspective and real-World Description of Strategic Planning: 

Boy, this is a sticky area! To raise your hand and say: "I'm an outsider, I can help." 

It is fraught with frustration and false starts...  EVERYONE has had their shot at a weekend retreat with an "expert" to formulate "the plan."   The 'ol management retreat... let's do some trust exercises... just fall back into my arms...

What a worn out, tired approach. Let's go away for a weekend and map out the remainder of our days on earth with a long-term strategic plan...

We all know the drill, the leadership team comes back into the office fired up, armed with fresh vision, mission, and culture statements, maybe a SWOT analysis if the weekend was absent of golf.

Back into the business they dive with a company wide meeting to get everyone "on board", then the phone rings, or email  is checked, there is a customer crisis, we fall into back into the pit, into the covey quadrant - urgent/important... the plan binder goes to the shelf and we end up doing thing like we always have.

So, what is the problem?  The problem is the plan did not have its own implementation "plan" it's own set of objectives, goals, strategies and tactics to insure an effective implementation...

Close your eyes and you can see it... the same employee eyes glaze over , the same eyes roll the to the back of the same heads... Your weekend retreat plan was dead before the printer ink dried.

This is the GAP, the consistent, ever repeating, historically acurate, experience proven disconnect, we all have seen it over and over. There is not a clear plan in place to connect the vision to the ground - to the real world. There is no traction, no belief, no trust, no buy in from the rank and file!  Not to mention those of the leadership team, that don't believe it can be done either, jaded from valid, learned the "hard way" experience!

"Man, Walt!, You are a Bummer!"

Do we or do we not fit?
There are two sides to this card. And yes we fit both, surprise! On one side is the need to have clarity on what strategy and tactics really are. On the other side is the need to understand this statement: "Vision without traction is hallucination."

1. We teach Strategic Thinking and Tactical Execution. We even have a web 2.0 based software that helps you Capture, Execute, and Optimize the implementation and communication of your strategic thoughts and tactical plans,  We are specialists in helping you and your team become adept at strategic thinking and tactical execution.

2. Einstein said something like this.  "...getting up everyday, doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity."  Thinking you can reach your dreams/goals/visions without organizational buy in, belief, trust, traction, is living in a dream world.

We have a proven traction method we teach/help you implement for long term results.  We help you the bridge the gap between your strategic thinking and your tactical execution.  We help you install discipline and accountability - we give your vision traction so it is not hallucination.

What position we play if we fit: Two positions: 1. As Smart State Coaches. 2. As EOS implementers.

What heavy lifting do we do for you in this category? You focus on running your business day in and day out. We herd the cats. We drive, we hold ourselves accountable and responsible for your success. We insure you and your organization successfully implement and integrate your plan. We are outsiders how raise our hands and actually can and do help.

We specialize in discrete, real world, measurable, optimization, using methods and processes practiced and proven by thousands of companies coast to coast, not just in our backyard - The Triangle
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