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Business Planning
Real-World Description of This Category Thru the eyes of Walt:  MBA school business plans or real world Business Planning? - there is a distinction.  Personally, as a CPA nerd, and multi company entrepreneur with a team we have done/written our share of "MBA" business plans.

One of my quotes: People follow plans.... people follow people with plans.... people with plans follow people with plans... smart state 08  Do you have a plan?

What we mean by business planning is a prioritized hierarchical exercise of what has to happen, who is going to be with us to make it happen, how is it going to happen and when is it going to happen. Coupled with what has to happen first.

Our business planning looks like a large organizational chart, a huge hierarchical tree structure, seemingly forking into infinity to reach our vision... it captures and prioritizes the critical things that have to be done.

plan tree exampleTop Level = Vision
Second Level = Critical Success Factors - things that have to happen, that are critical to the success of the vision, with out these being in place the Vision is unreachable...
Third Level = Goals that support each Critical Success Factor.
Forth Level = Strategies > Plans to achieve the above Goals.
Fifth Level = Tactics or action items that are part of the strategies...

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Think about one of your mental plans - it is no more than a summary of you thinking "backwards" from the target, vision, objective and saying to yourself, in order for x to happen, a, b, and c must take place,  then in order for a to take place d, e, and f have to happen, and then in order for e to take place, g, and h have to be in place.

This is not new "stuff" back in 1961 the term Critical Success Factor was coined. If fit in this 5 level hierarchical Structure.

Do we or do we not fit?: In EOS and in TAB we know we need to help you map out where we are going... We help you Capture, Execute and Optimize your plans... and put them into a format all can understand... not 30 pages of MBA mash up.  What we do not do. We do not review or write academic business plans, that's what consultants do.

What position we play if we fit:
Strategic Thinking and Tactical  Execution Coach and Teacher.

What heavy lifting do we do for you in this category? We, walt brown co and your TAB board will not let up until we believe you plan is well thought out and executable, then we will hold you accountable to making it happen.

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