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Description and perspective on this category:  What is a business "turnaround"?  There are two forms and it is important to understand the differences. One can look at this from a positive or negative perspective.

(side bar -If you are scratching your head, and you are in the Triangle, you can call Walt,  Walt is pretty good at seeing this quickly and he is open and honest enough to give you a straight opinion. Just Ask.)

Positive - Turnaround as in "going the wrong way" as in being able to change directions: Your business has "energy" locked up in its goodwill, in it's operations, in it's people, processes, knowledge, gross margin, efficiencies. Energy that just needs to be focused and channeled -"turned around".

Symptoms of Positive Turnaround potential:
1. You and your team feel out of control. Lots of stuff going on. 
2. Profit is not growing as it used to, and we have more sales.
3. People are getting on your nerves, "they are no longer thinking on their feet, they just aren't helping."
4. "We feel stuck, we feel like we have hit the ceiling, sure we are "profitable" but we have stopped growing, we are even slipping a bit."
5. "We are trying lots of stuff and nothing seems to work..."

All five of these statements indicate that you are ripe for a "turnaround" so, put a positive twist on it and say you are ripe for a "break through".

Negative - The word "Turnaround" can be confused with other words and is often used in sentences like these: "turn around Joe - bail out, watch out, your engine is on,  ohh! " or "turn around Joe - pull up - watch out for that mount.....tain, ohh!" or "turn around Joe - watch out for the, ohhh...!".

A Negative Turnaround can have these symptoms:
1. Shrinking Margins. Shrinking contribution margins. Your market is contracting, drying up.
2. No stored energy potential in your know how, process, capacity, people, profit.
4. Look around, are there 4 or more competitors? Are you number 3 or 4? Really?
3. Shrinking core market. One dominant player eating your lunch. Are you tired and hungry?

Think Merger, bail out, sell to a competitor, call a business broker like Jeff Snell of Enlign, he will make it happen.

Do we or do we not fit?: Certainly, We do fit in positive "turnarounds"  We are positive turnaround people, we are breakthrough the ceiling experts. We can help you find the energy locked or stored in your business.   What we do not do. We do not hold ourselves out as experts in your field, that is why you are there. We are not negative turnaround people, if you do not have a market, we can not help.

We are experts in leadership improvement, in organizational and individual clarity, accountability and discipline.

What position we play if we fit in your turnaround:
We coach Strategic Thinking and Tactical Execution - We help you find the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats - via TAB and Smart State.  We implement EOS.

What heavy lifting do we do for you in this category? We will be accountable for driving you and your team to make your turnaround - breakthrough efforts successful.

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We specialize in discrete, real world, measurable, optimization, using methods and processes practiced and proven by thousands of companies coast to coast, not just in our backyard - The Triangle
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