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Membership Eligibility: (Below is a picture of Chaz giving Walt a gift from Chaz's stock car parts collection. Thanking Walt and his TAB board for all their help getting his second software company lunched.  Note it is signed by Dale Jarrett. Walt's last name is Brown.)

Picture of member gift to coach walt

The Person:

The hard and fast TAB rule is members must be THE ultimate decision maker in their privately held company. The person at the top!

The Alternative Board is about providing the best practices of big business to  privately held companies, Members must have the ultimate power to improve and make changes. This puts them on equal footing with other Members of their Board.

Company Size and Type:

There is no limit to how small or how large or what type of business you are in.

Raleigh's Boards are intentionally made up of members with dissimilar backgrounds.

Dissimilar backgrounds help open minds and gain new perspectives.

Member Commitment:

We understand that members are very busy people, and, sometimes, they are not able to always be prepared... Frankly, these are the types of members who benefit the most from TAB... TAB adds the discipline...

Back to commitment, Walt asks each member to first be committed in his heart, you have to want to do this...

Our saying is: If we have to drag a member in, his Board will end up dragging him around. Not fair to the team.